Home Inspection Services in Newport, NH

You can have confidence your home is safe when you turn to True North Home Inspection for reliable home inspection services in Newport, NH. We’re proud to be certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Our team is committed to giving you a detailed home evaluation. We will follow up our inspection with a thorough report ensuring you find peace of mind and are confident in the safety of your living environment.

We’re ready to help in a multitude of ways. Below are some of our top-requested services:

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a material that was used in the building process in the early part of the twentieth century, before it was known to be carcinogenic. Because using the wrong technique to take a sample of this material can release dangerous particles into the air, it is important to leave this task to our experienced professionals, who can then send the sample to a lab for testing.

Septic System Evaluations

Your septic system should work seamlessly for your home. When something’s amiss, you may notice a foul odor or overflow. Regular yearly evaluations can catch minor issues before they become bigger problems. We can help keep your septic system working as it should.

Water Testing

Our team partners with laboratories that have been certified by the EPA to assess water quality and check for contaminants. For example, we can help you discover whether the water in your home contains heavy metals, bacteria, and other concerning substances.

Mold Inspections

Mold in your home can lead to health problems and structural issues. While many varieties are visible to the naked eye, others can easily go unnoticed. With a mold inspection, you can understand if and where there is mold present in your home. We can also help determine if any mold is the result of water damage.

We’re here to help you gain confidence in the safety of your home by providing you with crucial knowledge. Contact True North Home Inspection today to schedule home inspection services for your home in the Newport, NH area.