Radon Testing: Protect Your Health from Harmful Gas

Radon is a harmful gas that can cause various health challenges to human bodies. That is why radon testing is imperative. The test will help you determine whether your home is safe or not. Read on to learn more about radon testing.

Effects of Radon on the Body
When radon gas circulates in the air, it is easy for human beings to inhale the gas. It is a harmful substance that can cause serious health challenges such as lung damage.  Therefore, radon testing is a crucial consideration to help you know if your home is safe.

Professional Radon Testing
Since radon is tasteless, colorless, and odorless, running the test alone using a DIY test kit can be challenging and ineffective.  The radon test kit is not time-integrated. It might not get you accurate results.

Hiring a professional to run the radon test can be a good option.  A professional has in-depth training and the right certification and knows the correct test to run to get accurate results.

The radon test can either be electric or active. An electric test uses a Teflon disc, while an active test requires electrical power.

While professional radon testing may cost you a few dollars, you’ll get accurate results that can help you make informed decisions and save the lives of your family members.
A professional will run several radon tests for a while until you’re sure there is no more radon gas in your home. The radon test could take up to a year at intervals. During each test, a professional will determine the radon levels until the problem is fully settled.

The Bottom Line
If you’re planning for a radon test, True North Home Inspection can help you run an effective test that will give you accurate results. Contact us today!